How to Create A High Converting Squeeze/Landing Page Part 1

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I have noticed over time clients that buy Solo Advertisement from me seem to have lost the main point of buying traffic(known as solo ads).

Just a little about myself. I have been working online since 2010. I started out without any direction and tried many different things online anywhere from social media manager to blogger, to coder. after some time I realized that building a list is the most important thing you can do online. Plus it was and is what I am GREAT at. I went from Air Conditioning tech during the day and Server BarTender at night. Making about $30,000 a year to Online Entrepreneur making a lot more and working a lot less. I have built several lists of over 50,000 subscribers. And have made over 6 figures in sales with just Paypal this year already. Not to mention cpa networks and other Merchants. So lets get on to the meat and potatoes.  Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Selling digital products to make money online

One of the many lucrative ways to make money online is to sell digital products. Digitaldigiimagejpg products can take the form of ebooks, video courses or software. There are two alternatives to sell digital products. Either you become an affiliate of someone else or you create your own product. Both has got its share of advantages and disadvantages. We shall discuss the pros and cons of these two ways of selling digital products.
Selling as an affiliate:
The good thing about selling as an affiliate to make money online is that you do not have to undertake the effort of creating the product. All you got to do is find a suitable buyer market, select the product you want to promote to the market and finally promote the product to generate sales. Nowadays the product creators have made things even simpler for the affiliates by creating all readymade promotional tools like banners, email copy, advertisement graphics and lots more. Selling as an affiliate is probably the best thing a newbie could start, to venture into the vast world of make money online opportunities.
Selling your own product:
This accounts for creation Continue reading