How to Create A High Converting Squeeze/Landing Page Part 1

Guru with go to Sales Page

I have noticed over time clients that buy Solo Advertisement from me seem to have lost the main point of buying traffic(known as solo ads).

Just a little about myself. I have been working online since 2010. I started out without any direction and tried many different things online anywhere from social media manager to blogger, to coder. after some time I realized that building a list is the most important thing you can do online. Plus it was and is what I am GREAT at. I went from Air Conditioning tech during the day and Server BarTender at night. Making about $30,000 a year to Online Entrepreneur making a lot more and working a lot less. I have built several lists of over 50,000 subscribers. And have made over 6 figures in sales with just Paypal this year already. Not to mention cpa networks and other Merchants. So lets get on to the meat and potatoes.  Continue reading