Great Ideas For Your New Membership Site

Here are some great ideas for a new membership website, firstly start to think about the types of users you want to be bringing in, who are they? What will they be doing on the website? Are they people interested in the subject who will want to get involved with the community on the website for example by sharing their experiences regarding the subject? Will they be contributing anything on the website in the form of user submitted information or ‘User generated content’ as its known in the web 2.0 world.

checkSuccessful membership sites innovate

If you’re looking at really making it to the big time with your membership website then you think a little bit outside the box. Think differently about how you will try and engage your users. Try and bring in new revenue streams such as for example; ‘have a method users can pay per post, per video or per ebook’.


 checkmark_smallHave a method users can refer other users to your membership site and win prizes for doing so

This will really help kick start a new site, it will allow the site to really buzz and get a feel good feeling around the online community related to your chosen niche, it will help bring new users in as well as keep old ones happy

checkmark_smallTry to get your members to review products in the niche of your membership site

This is great as it saves you a job literally! You don’t need to do it, let them do it, let the users provide product reviews and suggestions to other users, no one is expecting you to go out and buy every product related to your niche but chances are your members are buying these products and they can review them on your membership site and give each other advice regarding which ones are the best, which ones to stay clear of etc..

checkmark_smallMake a business directory for your membership site and charge business’ to be listed in it

This is another source of income for your membership site, if you have just started a new site then it will help get things moving, the business directory can be open to everyone if you want not just your members but then you could try and make a deal with the merchants who are promoting their product with you to give a deal or an offer to your users, you could say to the business / merchant that you will give them a free listing in the business directory giving them promotion if you give the users of your website a 15% discount on their products, this way you are giving yet another reason for your users to keep being subscribed to you and it’s also a reason for new users to sign up with you

checkmark_small Make the user think they are getting an exclusive service which they can’t get anywhere else

You need to give the users the feeling of exclusivity, everyone likes being in an exclusive club and that’s the kind of feeling you need to package up into a little box and sell to your members.

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