How to Create A High Converting Squeeze/Landing Page Part 1

Guru with go to Sales Page

I have noticed over time clients that buy Solo Advertisement from me seem to have lost the main point of buying traffic(known as solo ads).

Just a little about myself. I have been working online since 2010. I started out without any direction and tried many different things online anywhere from social media manager to blogger, to coder. after some time I realized that building a list is the most important thing you can do online. Plus it was and is what I am GREAT at. I went from Air Conditioning tech during the day and Server BarTender at night. Making about $30,000 a year to Online Entrepreneur making a lot more and working a lot less. I have built several lists of over 50,000 subscribers. And have made over 6 figures in sales with just Paypal this year already. Not to mention cpa networks and other Merchants. So lets get on to the meat and potatoes. paypal



So, I want to go over some simple things when you are creating a lead capture/landing/squeeze page.(all are the same so, I may use them interchangeably).

In part one I want to explain what a lead capture/landing/squeeze page is. Its a simple webpage used to collect leads in exchange for free information in most cases. More than likely a PDF report, possibly a video tutorial, a plugin or piece of software. We can get into free offers to give away in exchange for the visitors name, email, and possibly their phone number.

These landing pages should be very simple and should have some mystery of what you are giving away. Unless you are an advanced marketer and are targeting people for a high end coaching product or something of that nature you should keep the wording vague.  (But,  I am writing this for people just starting online in the past year that are struggling to get good conversions or would like to increase conversions and sales.). remember your main goal is to get them ON YOUR LIST ,to your one time offer(OTO) and be able to send them emails in the future to recoup the money you have spent on traffic.

Here are some examples of different style landing pages.

Guru with go to Sales Page

Guru style with go to website/Sales Page option

2 Step Squeeze page

Classic 2 Step Squeeze page

 Targeted with timer

Targeted with timer








Three different styles. its best to split test these landing pages for best conversions.
I will go over these in another post and get in more detail. The main goal of this post is
to put it in people mind that landing pages are only made to get the subscriber on your list. And buying your promotions.

I am going to run now. I hope this has helped. In the future I will go over many other aspects of online marketing and lead generation.

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