Things to note while making money online from blogging

blogBlogs and blogging are two terms that most internet surfers specially the internet marketers are quite familiar with. Blogs are similar to websites but are much easier to maintain and update. A blog can fetch as much traffic as a website if certain things like seo optimization and frequent updates are carried out effectively.

Some of the essential know how while creating and maintaining a blog are discussed below.

  • Do a good research on the subject of the blog: Remember the reader is just another human like you and would like to read good content that is useful and informative. Do not create a blog with poor content as it will not only give you a bad name but it will ruin all your chances of generating any sales from the blog.


  • Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes: As outlined previously, the readers find it very irritating if they come across spelling or grammatical errors in the content they are reading. It shows the lack of attention to the blog and hasty efforts to only make a sale. An occasional spelling mistake shows that you are human but do not make it a habit to consistently write improper spellings.


  • Choose the correct long tail keywords: Targeting the right keywords for your blog is an essential knowhow of blogging. This itself is an art form and takes a lot of consistent practice to develop a fine tuned understanding of buyer keywords. Do not target keywords which your potential market is not interested in or else you will land up with all your hard

work for building a blog which the market is least interested about.


  • Read other marketer’s blogs: Remember this is a very important piece of information. All marketer’s are readers of other blogs. This practice makes for a learning experience as to how to present a blog, what elements to keep and the pattern or the flow of the blog. Reading a blog will help you find the amount of research gone into making of the blog. This should give you an estimate of the level of research that is required to maintain a blog. It will give you fresh ideas and tips to create your own blog.



  • Blog Daily: This is probably the best piece of advice I can share with you. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ – as the old saying goes. Blogging daily will help to make you more seasoned with time. Moreover this will add new content to your blog on a daily basis which will be seen as a positive thing by Google.

Finally, the best teacher of all is to try it out yourself. So, go ahead and start a blog of your own. There are free options like blogger and where you can sign up for free and start your blog up and running in no time.

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